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Song of the day!

Another misleading title. Get your act together Katrina! But it's actually a good thing because I'm featuring TWO songs. God, I feel like Billy Mays right now...

May he rest in peace.

The first song is - Mr Jukes Grant Greene Ft. Charles Bradley and unfortunately Charles Bradley passed away in September of this year (wow what a depressing blog post so far).

Here is the link -


Hopefully this song can get you in a better mood. I'm not super familiar with this artist but I really appreciate the use of actual instruments and of course Bradley's amazing voice. You may have heard snippets of this song from a Google Pixel commercial. In all honesty...that's where I heard this for the first time too. But I'm happy they used such a great song. I hope you enjoy it. And check out the animation!

The second song is more popular so perhaps you have heard of it. And I'm more familiar with this artist.

All Night by Parov Stelar (no, computer I am NOT spelling that wrong)


He is best known for electro-swing which is what this genre is and I am a big fan. Again, I really appreciate the use of actual instruments in this song (band geeks unite). Another thing you should check out are the dancing videos for his music. They are pretty intense.

That's it for this blog post...I might come back to it and include some other links you might enjoy. I had to rush it because I have class in 45 minutes and I'm terrible at planning things out.




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