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Movie Review - Blade Runner 2049


Okay, I've mentioned before how I work at a movie theater and we have a deal that we can view movies for free (depending if it's opening week and if it's not super busy). Anyway, just watching the trailers for this movie made me really excited!

I must admit that I have not watched the original film with Harrison Ford as the main character. But I still got enough from this movie to come out of it without a lot of questions.


I tried out a nifty new font that I thought resembled the movie well but re-reading it gave me a headache. Back to the original fwont (inside joke with my sister).

Anyway...my rating is 8.5 out of 10. I'm using a similar system that IMDb uses. Blade Runner is actually 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb. And I haven't looked at any of those reviews...I haven't really looked at anything. These are just my initial thoughts about the movie and how I came up with 8.5.

One major thing that I appreciate about movies is the score. While watching the movie I had a suspicion that this score sounds a lot like something that Hans Zimmer would create. I must give credit to Benjamin Wallfisch who was also working on the score for the film but I'm not as familiar with his work.

When I heard this during the movie I knew Hans Zimmer was behind it.


I started paying more attention to Zimmer after watching the Dark Knight trilogies. And watching how he came up with the sound effects for when the Joker appeared on screen. All of this was very interesting to me and it still is.

Oaky, so we have the music/score taken care of. Just so you know - I am not a professional at this, this is just a simple review.

One thing that should be appreciated in this film is the cinematography and establishing shots. And that is because of Roger Deakins who was director of photography for these films - Fargo, Doubt, No Country for Old Men, Skyfall and the list goes on. IMDb it.

The use of color in this film is pretty amazing. But one thing I would critique on is that some of the moving shots were long. Long enough for me to think "okay, didn't need that much time showing the landscape." But overall it was beautiful work.

Next topic is plot and overall story- which I think was pretty top notch. This movie was over 2 hours in length and I never got tired or bored. And that is surprising for me especially if you take into consideration that I get bored just watching a 30 minute show. It does a good job grabbing your attention early on and keeping it until the end of the movie. This movie has a couple of twists that I didn't really see coming - I can see M. Night Shyamalan twists coming a mile away but didn't see the twists in this movie...it was that good. The ending will tug at your heartstrings (it didn't make me cry). A really good movie will have the ability of making me cry and I've only cried at three movies in my lifetime.

At the beginning of this movie with Ryan Gosling being an emotionless and mysterious figure, you might not think there will be a lot of character development but there is. He starts to show more and more emotion through out the film and I can appreciate good character development.

Another critique would be the ending and here is the spoiler - And I'm just gonna give a quick backstory. Ryan Gosling finds Harrison Ford (blah blah blah) Ryan thinks that Ford is his dad but never tells him. But turns out that the girl who gave Ryan his memories was his child. Boom - Twist. Anyway. At the ending Ryan is suffering from a gunshot wound and he is taking Ford with him to meet his daughter (Ford is a bit confused with what is going on) Ryan is waiting outside and Ford goes in. Here you see Ryan die on the steps and Ford approaching his imprisoned daughter (watch the movie). The daughter has her back to Ford and doesn't realize anyone is there and at the last second (relying on memory for this) I believe she turns around but then the movie ends. You don't know if Ford tells her or what...and I can live with that ending and I know why they did it that way. But I would have appreciated like a nice little reunion between the two.

Like I said in the beginning of the post - I never watched the first one. But I was able to understand enough of it that I didn't have a lot of questions after the movie and I think that was pretty good on their part.

So, yeah. Super quick review and I know I didn't go into a lot of depth with it but I just wanted to make something new for the blog and it has been a couple of days since posting last. I hope you guys have a great weekend and if you have any movie ideas that you think I'll like feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to get to it. :) Thanks!



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