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It is the end of 2017...my dudes.

I promised a post before the year was up and here it is! I hope I'm not too distracted because Harry Potter has a marathon on all day and I'm on the Half-Blood Prince which is my favorite one! Anyway, I'll stop it with Harry Potter and I'll get to the point with this blog. The obvious elephant in the room is New Year's Resolutions.

(This will be me at midnight tonight)

You might have some typed up, written on a sticky note, or maybe you decided not to make any for 2018 (which is totally okay). But this post is for people who really want to be committed to their resolutions. I must admit that I've come up short when it comes to completing resolutions - it isn't the end of the world but it definitely feels good when you accomplish something off of your list.

To start off - the first thing to establish is if you really want to change. Only make a resolution if you are willing to put in the actual work and know that you want to change. A second point is to keep your promise to yourself for a month - take the first 31 days to trying your new resolution to see if you can create a habit.

One final tip is to replace the bad with the good. If you have a bad or old habit - replace it with something similar but better. One example is if you want to kick the habit or drinking soda. Instead of drinking soda maybe have a healthier option of flavored sparkling water or even a piece of gum. Another important thing to know is if you want to change in 2018 just remember that any kind of change is difficult and be sure to change for yourself and no one else.

Or if you want be like Patrick in 2018 by all means...feel free!

I have some of my own resolutions and I make some almost every year and I like doing it. I usually succeed but if I happen to not get something one year I look back and figure out why it didn't work out and maybe I'll work on it the next year.

I'm looking forward to writing about weight loss and getting fit in general because it has been an interesting process so far! But I'll need help writing that article (looking forward to asking my sister for help on that one). If you liked this post- leave a comment or share or BOTH! Let me know some of your old resolutions or leave a comment of a new one you'll be doing for 2018.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post entry and I hope you guys have a nice and safe New Year. What ever your plan is with 2018...I hope it is your best year yet.


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