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New Year - New Semester

Most of you know by now that I am a chemistry major and most of you know that college can be a daunting task. Don't worry because I am here to help...or try to help.

I've been in college for about three years and that is weird to say because I am no where near graduation. Right when I graduated high school, I went on to get an associate's degree and then I went down to Platteville and I have one year here (I took 2017 spring semester off). So I just finished two semesters here in Platteville and I am super excited for the 2018 spring semester to start.

But, and there is always a but, do you ever get really excited for something and then when it comes time to experience it you seem a bit unprepared or something goes wrong that you weren't planned for? Same. And this can happen to anyone. So I decided to share some pointers to help you after that nice long winter break.

1 - Make time for family

This is probably a contradiction to my post but take some quality time to spend with loved ones and stop worrying about the upcoming semester. Make sure, if you haven't all ready, go down stairs and say hi to your parents/sibling/pet/crazy uncle Gary etc.

2- Organize schedule

Some people leave this for the last day of the break and it causes me to get gray hair early. Please just double check your classes. One thing I like to do is to put this into a planner and to make sure I know what building it is in at least. I like doing it like that because I haven't been in every building on campus and if I'm not familiar with it I want to make a mental note of that so I can find out where it's at when I'm back in town. Some campuses take freshmen and look at their schedule and give them a mini tour so they are comfortable with where they are going.

3- Find your books

This is another thing that is often forgotten about until the last week or so of break and at that point you're stuck in line waiting because everyone else forgot to do this simple thing too! What you need to do is figure out where you're getting your books from. If it's not from Amazon or some other place that isn't the textbook center please be sure to find out the hours for your textbook center. They are usually open well before the spring semester begins. They will have holiday hours where they will be closed but they're usually open right after the first or second of January. Before you go you have to make sure you have everything like ID or maybe a list of your books would be helpful. My textbook center has two computers to use so you can look up your books and those are usually taken. Make sure to be proactive and check everything yourself. It'll go by ten times faster.

4- Look at scholarships

This is something that everyone should at least think about. If you haven't looked at possible scholarships at your school...like...what are you doing? It's money that will help you graduate college with less or no debt at all. In high school I was able to win three scholarships because no one else applied for them. Of course there are more people in college versus high school. But even websites like fastweb have so many scholarships that aren't related to your specific college. Maybe you took a look at your college scholarships and maybe you didn't fit all of the criteria. Be sure to take a look at fastweb plus other websites like it. Just make sure they are legitimate.



I'm sure you have heard this time and time again but it's good advice. If you're staying with family over break and you haven't been keeping track of your eating habits it might be a good idea to ditch the soda. College life and home life are really different. Your environment changes and maybe you develop some habits back home. Make sure to make the time to take a break from the sweets because if you're not used to all of that in your dorm room you might have a rude awakening when you get back. Plus with all that food maybe you've gained a few pounds which is natural but just don't let it get to you. Check out the campus gym when you get back or even during your break go on some walks or do something that you enjoy. This might help jump start a new year's resolution too! Getting into fitness will be such a life changer in college. If you're stressed about an exam or maybe a relationship - hit the gym and let all that negativity out. You'll feel better after...it's science.

Those were 5 quick tips to get you ready for spring semester! If you have any other questions or thoughts feel free to message me or leave a comment down in the comment section. If you enjoyed this blog please give it a share. And one more thing to mention is to check out College Info Geek (Thomas Frank). His website and YouTube channel is such an inspiration to me. I honestly wish that I found him sooner. His website is full of amazing information (paying off student loans, internships, how to get better grades plus so much more)!


^^^That's his website - he has his YouTube videos up there too. I love videos that are fun and help you get motivated/organized. I have a couple other go-to YouTube channels that I'll mention in another college post hopefully soon.

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