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Learning a new language

Some of you might know that I am learning Norwegian. I plan on visiting Norway in the summer of 2019 and I started really studying a month or so ago,it was part of my new year resolution. In this blog post I will be showing some techniques that will help you keep you motivated and on track for your language studies! Future blog posts might include some Norwegian for practice. :)

The first thing that I did was download duolingo (I am not sponsored by anyone). You'll see reviews on youtube and on the internet and you can make your own judgement call. However, what makes me keep coming back to duolingo is the streak counter. I have a 32 day streak on duolingo and it has become a habit. I can't go a day without thinking about "I need to do duolingo!" Which is a good thing! I'll link a video that will do a great job about how great duolingo is - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht-w2JriwSw&t=51s

He does a great job talking about duolingo and other tips to further your studies after completing duolingo. One more nice thing about duolingo is the discussion section where people post a lot of helpful links to different resources.

Duolingo is not the only resource! Some other things that I use to help study is to watch shows in the desired language. I also listen to the radio in Norwegian on sites like NRK and Klar Tale.


I really like Klar Tale because you can press the play button and listen along to the article.

I also read in the language and keep a journal! I'll try and post pictures of it on my instagram.One thing that I really enjoy is listening to Norwegian musicians. Plus it's easy to find the lyrics.

Reddit has a great source for learning languages -


This link will show you some sources on how to stay motivated and some helpful links for beginning your new journey of language learning!

Be sure to check pinterest and youtube! Search your language and you might be surprised with what you find! There are plenty of other tips and advice out there - you have to find ones for you! Good luck! And if you have any other tips please feel free to comment.




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