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Language update

Hello and welcome to my update to my language learning. So if you haven't read my last blog post (click here). It's been a while since my last blog post and so I'll do a quick update overall.

Well, first of all, March Madness started and I am a bit preoccupied with watching that and making a bracket which fell apart on the first day #rip. Anyway, another thing about it being March- I am super stressed about school and I'm in that point of the school year where I just want to be done with school.

Oh, and I'm really excited for April because I will be seeing Sir Elton John and I can't stop fangirling. That will be the highlight of my year, I'm sure.

Okay! That is enough of a quick update - Now for the LANGUAGE update. Currently I am at a a 41 or 42 day streak in Duolingo and I love that. Honestly, I am so proud of that. I've recently bought a new bullet journal and I'll be keeping track of my language learning methods in that. I'm using a website called Toggl

and it helps me track the time spent on Duolingo and while I'm doing other things like listening to an audio CD. And it also gives you a visual of time spent on certain websites.

I also got two Norwegian books. One being a children's book and one being more difficult. I got through the children's book and I have yet to really try and get through the bigger book.

One resource that I have discovered since the last post is called Radio Revolt. This is a podcast/radio website that is actually ran by the students in the area. And I really like it because I can plug it in and listen in the background and because it's also like radio, they play songs!

Another thing that has been keeping me motivated is watching Youtube channels. These Youtube channels aren't all in Norwegian but they have something to do with language. I won't link all of them because I am lazy but a simple search will bring up their channels. The first one is Polyglot Process ( I am NOT trying to become a polyglot) this channel is nice even if you're not trying to become a polyglot. The do reviews, book tours, Q&As. Personally I found their channel very helpful. Plus, they are closer to my age and I can appreciate that. No offense to old people.

Ophelia Vert is Youtuber and she's around my age as well. But again, she is a polyglot. And another great over all website is College info geek. This website is helpful even if you're not learning a language but he did post a nice podcast on his college info geek youtube channel. One more resource I use is pinterest - because there is just a vast amount of information on that website.

I'll end this blog with some motivational advice. Don't give up! Find something to do everyday that has to do with your target language. Listen to music, podcasts, watch TV shows, read or do whatever that makes you happy! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and be sure to comment if you have your own resource for language learning and good luck!




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