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Game Night Movie Review

Game Night is a movie starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. I watched this movie about a month ago and I'm still like "wow, that was an entertaining movie." It is one I'm waiting to get on DVD. It's one of those movies that I thought about after the fact and that doesn't happen a lot and even on the way home I thought to myself "That's a classic."

I don't want to get ahead of myself here because it's not like this film is a 10/10 or anything like that. However, with the genres that are in this movie, I think it did very well with using those genres. What I mean by this is that it used comedy and suspense and they did a very good job with it.

Spoiler Alert

Okay, let's move onto the plot. Jason and Rachel are a couple that live in some suburb and they LOVE game night! They are both very competitive and they love that about each other. And then we find out that they are trying to have a baby - I know - cute. But, why can't we have a normal couple who just doesn't need a baby? Like, they seem like great people but then it's like WE NEED A CHILD! OUR CHILD WOULD KICK ASS! I didn't mind it as much while watching the movie but looking back - this movie did revolve around that whole idea which is kind of annoying. Anyway, I digress. The problem is that Jason is just not able to get Rachel pregnant and the doctor and Rachel are just spitting out possibilities as to why he is unable to knock her up. This part was rather entertaining. Jason's brother comes up as a possible reason why - and all of the stress his brother is causing Jason. I can't remember his name so we'll call him Jack. Jack has a history of causing Jason pain and suffering, it is one of the reasons why Jason is so competitive. And as luck has it, Jack is coming in to visit them in the next day or so. This scene basically ends with the doctor asking for his number.

Now that we have that part taken care of we can talk about some stuff that I liked.

I enjoyed the suspense. I really like suspenseful movies and realistic ideas. Like, "this could totes happen to me." Even though this idea wasn't really plausible for me, but hey, who knows? I also love comedies so I really wanted to see this movie! I must confess that I probably went in with a biased brain because I really like Rachel and Jason and they can never do no harm. But, I'll try and make this as unbiased as possible. There were a lot of twists and maybe too many twists. One thing I tend to do during suspenseful "who dun it?" scenario, I try to pick out who did it! And while trying to figure it out, I kept getting wrapped up in all of the twists! Once I thought it was all said and done and there were already 3 twists...BOOM....one more final twist and I was just like...

I was content with the original plot twist but they decided to add 74 more twists. Don't get me wrong, I like twists and turns. However, I like maybe two good twists and then the rest of the movie have a strong plot. I mean, other than that. I really liked this movie. I had a lot of laugh out loud moments

Given the genre of this film and looking at what other critics have said. I am going to give this movie a 7.4 out of 10. This is the same as IMDb but after looking it over and seeing other reviews I would have to agree with that rating!

Thanks for stopping in and reading my review and if you want any other movie reviewed leave it in the comment section! Be on the look out for another post soon :D I have been working on some interesting blog post ideas.




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